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Creating your first DID

A DID can be created through the Serto Agent user interface and published to be visible on Serto Search

Creating your first DID through the user interface

  1. Login to your Serto Agent instance
  2. Tap the 'Let's Go' button
  3. Enter your Organization's domain
  4. Select the DID method you would like to use.
  5. Tap the 'Create Decentralized Identifier' button Congratulations !! Your first DID has been created successfully.

Now issue your organization profile VC 6. Tap the 'Issue Your Organization Profile VC' button 7. Enter your Organization Name 8. Describe your Oganization 9. Enter your Logo URL 10. Tap Issue & Save Your Organization profile VC has now been issued and saved

Finally generate your DID config and upload it 11. Tap the 'Generate your DID Config' button 12. Follow the steps to Generate and download the DID Config File 13. Upload the file to the .well-known path of your website. 14. Tap the 'Refresh Status' button Congratulations!! Your first DID config has been published to Serto Search.


Make sure to upload the file to the .well-known path of your website. The resulting URL should look like: The sync status will not update to published until this is done.


We currently support the following DID methods. (did:web, did:ethr:rinkeby, did:ethr, did:key) When creating your DID you have an option to add an alias. It can be as simple as a nickname or can contain more contextual information such as a mapping to an external ID. Alias is not available for the did:web method