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DID Configuration Setup

A DID configuration is a trusatble mechanism to prove ownership of a domain by DIDs. The DID configuration file contains a list of VCs linking DIDs to a domain. Each VC is self signed by the DID claiming the ownership over the domain. The file itself, and their VCs, doesn't prove ownership over the domain if the file is not hosted under the domain claimed. That's why we must upload the DID configutation file to the well-known path under the domain being claimed.

Each domain is hosted using specific solutions, servers or cloud providers. So, it's not possible to cover all possibilities and details in this tutorial. What we'll describe here is a high level overview of what you need to do and check to guarantee that your DID configuration is correct and proving the DID ownership of it.

Here are the steps:

  1. Let's assume your domain is and you want to prove that a DID can represent it.
  2. Generate your DID configuration using Serto Search (tutorial here) or Serto Agent (tutorial here)
  3. Download the DID configuration file to your computer
  4. Move the file to your domain website server.
  5. Make the file public available under
  6. Guarantee the server is using HTTPS.
  7. Go to Serto Search and click "Get listed".
  8. Select the "Domain" in the "Public identifier type" and follow the instructions.