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Issuing a credential

A verifiable credential (VC) can be created through the Serto Agent user interface. But before issuing them, make sure you have DID already created in your agent by following this tutorial

Issuing your first VC through the user interface

  1. Login to your Serto Agent instance
  2. Tap the 'Credentials' menu
  3. Tap the 'Issued Credentials' menu
  4. Click 'Issue Credential'
  5. A list of credential schemas, loaded from Serto Schemas, will be presented.
  6. Select the schema you want to issue a credential with.
    • If you haven't found the schema you want, go to Serto Schemas and create your own schemas.
  7. Select the DID you want to use as the issuer in the 'Issuer ID' field.
  8. Fill all the credential fields.
  9. Click:
    • Issue & Save: to issue the credential without sharing it automatically. The credential will be stored in the agent and you'll be able to view and share it at any time.
    • Issue & Send: to issue the credential sharing it automatically with the subject. In this case, the subject must have a DID agent running and a valid DIDComm endpoint available. If the other party DID has a Serto Agent running and a message endpointg enabled, those requirements will be accomplished.