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Serto Suite

The Serto Suite helps technology and business leaders get started using decentralized identities and verifiable credentials in their everyday business operations. Our simple, easy-to-use resources decrease the cost of collaboration and enhance security.

Data ecosystems built with Serto are safer, faster, more fluid and lower risk to allow unprecedented freedom to do new things with data.

Serto Search is a discovery engine for entities represented by decentralized identifiers, or DIDs. It enables users to discover verifiable credentials (VC) issuers and view the chain of trust for those issuers to evaluate them as well as confirm the details (e.g. messaging endpoints) of known counter parties.

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Serto Agent

Serto Agent is the easiest way to get started using DIDs and VCs. This simple tool enables both developers and business leaders to generate DIDs, become discoverable, issue, request, receive, disclose and validate VCs on behalf of their companies.

Run your Serto Agent instance in AWS

Serto Schemas

Serto Schemas is a shared repository for verifiable credentials specifications, or VCs schemas. This registry enables users to identify widely-used schemas for reuse and collaboration โ€“ preventing duplicate work, friction, and data silos. Our libraries support programmatic and UI interfaces for creating, displaying, and validating VCs according to schemas.

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