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Database setup

By default Serto Agent stores its data in a local Postgres database, except private keys when AWS KMS service is in use, the case for enterprise instances.

Using a local database is not secure and ideal for mantainance. So, Serto Agent offers the option to use a remote database.

How to setup a new database server

In order to setup your agent instance to use a remote database you should:

  1. Login to your fresh Serto Agent
  2. Go to Settings > Database Setup
  3. Enter the Host, Username and Password of your Postgres database

If your remote database server already has content from a Serto Agent instance it'll be recovered and migrated to the current Serto Agent version.


If you already have data in the local database which you can't lose, backup the database under the folder /usr/local/serto/database in your EC2 instance and recover it in your database server before.