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Getting started


Serto Agent enables entities to create Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) and use them to interact with other entities using Verifiable Credentials (VCs). It offers the following capabilities:

  • Create and manage DIDs
  • Issue Verifiable Credentials (VCs) using Serto Schemas.
  • Make DIDs discoverable by linking them to the entity's domain. This method uses the .well-known DID configuration spec from the Decentralized Identity Foundation (DIF).

Why do I need to launch my own Agent instance?

A Serto Agent or any Decentralized Identifiers or DID agent is an application that must be hosted by its owner entity. It must be hosted in a secured environment because it manages the keys used to create DIDs and issue Verifiable Credentials (VCs) on behalf of that entity. Serto Agent can be compared to a wallet, but with improved availability and security. It provides this improvement through the use of KMS integration to store private keys and sign VCs.

Serto Agent is available in the AWS Marketplace. You will need an AWS account to run your own instance. Follow the instructions to run your own instance here


If you don't have an AWS account, please register by visiting Your registration may take up to 24 hours.